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General entry requirements
In order to meet the general entry requirements to an advanced higher vocational education, all applicants must have successfully completed their upper secondary (high school) education. To find out more about the general entry requirements, read here.

Specific entry requirements:
Minimum grade E in English 6, Swedish 2, Mathematics 1b or c or equivalent.

Two years work experience in a service or tourism related position, (minimum 75% of a full time position). The work experience must have been carried out after a completed upper secondary school (high school) education.

Selection process
All applicants who are eligible for the program will be called to complete two written tests and one oral test. The oral and the written tests are judged on their content and your ability to write and communicate in English. The tests will also assess your leadership skills. The tests are judged by representatives from the industry and a representative from Yrgo. The results of all tests are added together and generate a merit value. The applicants are ranked in descending order of highest merit value.

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Further information

Questions regarding the program
Susan Johansson

Tel: 031-367 31 09

Reception: 031-367 31 00

About the education

Interval: 81 weeks fulltime

Start: September 4th, 2017

Number of places: 30

Application date: Prolonged application time

Application code: YHHM

You apply via our webb based application-site. Prepare your application by having your grades and any other certificates available electronically.

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